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Clinical improvement and recovery of the intestinal mucosa

For many years diarrhea, weight loss and bloating have been considered the classic symptoms of celiac disease. However, it is now known that the mode of manifestation of celiac disease is highly variable. Some patients have no symptoms after ingesting gluten, although intestinal damage always occurs. At the last international conference on celiac disease, ICDS [...]

Impact of celiac disease on first date

Do you think that celiac disease can affect your first date? This question has been answered by the group of Lebovits et al., who presented a poster at the last International Congress of Celiac Disease, ICDS Sorrento 2022. In this poster, they reflected the result of a study carried out on a total of 538 [...]

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When does the intestine of a celiac recover after the start of Gluten-free Diet?

The recovery time of the intestinal mucosa after starting the Gluten-Free Diet can be highly variable: In adults who follow the Gluten Free Diet correctly, it can take several years. In children it usually normalizes earlier. Recently, the most important international congress on celiac disease, ICDS 2022, took place. In it, Shannon et al. presented [...]

Is depression linked to celiac disease?

World Day to Fight Depression was commemorated on January 13. Several studies have established a relationship between Celiac Disease and the symptoms of depression. On the one hand, some researchers have suggested that incidences of depression are higher than average in celiac patients and that it may simply be due to having a chronic health [...]

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You are more likely to get migraines if you have celiac disease

Recently, in a study carried out at the Shariati Hospital in Tehran, 1.000 celiac patients over the age of 18 were evaluated against a control group, which included another 1.000 healthy individuals over the age of 18, who had been ruled out Celiac Disease. Some of the most interesting conclusions of the study were: Migraine [...]

Adherence to the Gluten-Free Diet: key in the efficacy of the treatment of Celiac Disease

Adherence to a gluten-free diet is the key to successful treatment of Celiac Disease. If a strict diet is not followed for life, the risk of long-term associated complications increases. According to different studies, gluten intake, whether voluntary or involuntary, is common among celiac patients. It is estimated that almost 90% of celiacs could eat [...]

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  • PlayCeliacos contest

PlayCeliacos contest: meet the winners

How did PlayCeliacos contest come from? #PlayCeliacos video contest arose as an initiative of GlutenDetect in collaboration with the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain (FACE), to promote greater awareness and visibility of the daily "dangers" that the celiac group faces. Exposure to gluten, in different day-to-day situations, is more common than we think Many [...]

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  • Interview with Luis Rodrigo Saéz, celiac disease expert

Interview with Luis Rodrigo Saéz, celiac disease expert

"Detection of GIP for monitoring adherence to the Gluten-Free Diet is a good help, but, unfortunately, its practice is still rare." - Luis Rodrigo Saéz  We had the opportunity to talk about celiac disease with Dr. Luis Rodrigo, Digestive Physician specializing in Celiac disease, Emeritus Professor of the University of Oviedo and member of the [...]

  • Celiac Disease and COVID19

Celiac Disease and Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a multitude of doubts and uncertainty. Thus, it has raised certain questions within the celiac community. Today we want to provide answers to these questions.  Are people with celiac disease considered a risk group? In the statement of the Spanish Society for Coeliac Disease (SEEC) we find the answer. [...]

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Down Syndrome and Celiac Disease

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs in 1 in 600-700 pregnancies. It is caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21, (trisomy of pair 21), so that people with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of 46. Precisely in couple 21, we can find some of the related genes with [...]

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