How did PlayCeliacos contest come from?

#PlayCeliacos video contest arose as an initiative of GlutenDetect in collaboration with the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain (FACE), to promote greater awareness and visibility of the daily “dangers” that the celiac group faces. Exposure to gluten, in different day-to-day situations, is more common than we think

Many people wanted to participate and do their bit for this initiative! A total of 36 candidate videos were presented, reflecting different gluten exposure situations.

Jury of PlayCeliacos

Jury of this contest has been made up of relevant figures closely linked to the celiac world: person in charge of the Communication Department of FACE, Carlos García Saldaña; person in charge of the Food Safety Department of FACE, Cristina de Abreu Rodrigues; founding partner of the audiovisual production company “Pólvora”, Eduardo García Bernardos; Director of content and communication of the web, Lorena Pérez; and Specialist in Digestive Diseases, Sergio Farráis Villalba.

Do you already know the winners?

Yes, yes, we already know the winners of the contest! Although the decision by the jury was very close, the videos chosen as winners were …

🥇The video “Gluten-free” by the author María Antonia Gomila Fullana, who has won the first prize.

🥈The video “What not to do if you eat with celiac disease” by Adían Escartín Périz, who has won the second prize.

Congratulations to you both! And to get to know the two winners better, we wanted to ask them some questions …

Why did you decide to participate in contest?

MªAntonia: “I decided to participate in contest because I was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of five and it is something that has accompanied me ever since. All people close to this disease, both those who are diagnosed and our close environment, live situations in which it is difficult to strictly follow the Gluten Free Diet. Normally, the basis of the problem is ignorance, on the part of those who have not seen themselves in the situation of living with a celiac, about how cross contamination occurs and how serious it can be for us. For this reason, I think it is essential to make the problem visible so that it is much easier for celiacs to leave our safe environment and be able to enjoy meals in peace”.

Adrián: “The truth is that it was something quite impulsive. The initiative seemed very good to me and since I read the contest rules a few ideas crossed my mind, but between the work and the oppositions I thought it would be difficult to find time. I was commenting on what I had in mind with some coworkers and in the end they convinced me”.

How did you come up with the idea for the photo? It was complicated?

MªAntonia: “The video’s idea in relation to this topic was something that we had already considered making, and when we saw the proposal of the contest it was inevitable to present ourselves. I made the video together with Antonio Herreros. We both finished the degree in Fine Arts this year, and we were clear that we wanted to carry out a small animation project. From here we make several scripts, some sketches and we start with a storyboard to define the final project. The production of the animation is a long process and, although it is a fairly simple animation, there is a lot of work behind it. We try to take care of all the details, such as, for example, the color of the characters’ clothes according to their role in the video, or the sounds of the characters, which we gave the voice to. The scene we choose to represent is one of many that, as a celiac, I have lived and we believe that, although it is a unique scene, the theme can be extrapolated to other similar situations”.

Adrián: “In my case I limited myself to reproducing the situations that I have experienced as a celiac (when sharing a flat, going out to dinner there, or even preparing meals for friends at home) trying to add a humorous and carefree touch. It is true that I gave it a lot of thought because I am a very perfectionist, and it frustrated me a bit not knowing more about photography and video editing. The most difficult thing was to record all the videos because I mobilized almost all my close people (friends, family, colleagues from work) and it took me many days to finish putting everything together; I thought it wasn’t on time ”.

What was the goal of your video?

MªAntonia: “The main objective of the video is to raise awareness about cross contamination in celiac disease. We decided to do it through a comical point of view, because we believe that it can reach more people in that way. We think that an animation, its impersonal character also makes it more universal, it makes it easier for someone to feel identified with the characters”.

Adrián: “I am not going to fool anyone, the main objective of participating was that the prize was very  attractive for a celiac’s pocket. In addition, it seemed like a good opportunity to reflect on the difficulties that the celiac group faces when they “share a table” with other people. Personally, I had a great time doing it and I know that the people who collaborated, acquired a lot of awareness about the matter, so it was a double prize”.

We also want to congratulate all the participants. The decisión has been very tough. Although you have not been winners, we encourage you to continue sharing your videos, to continue supporting the dissemination of all the challenges and difficulties that celiacs encounter daily.

And you, even if you haven’t had time to participate, you can help raise awareness and sensitize the “dangers” that celiacs face, by sharing and liking the videos. You can find them on the Instagram account @play_celiacos. Thank you!