GlutenDetect Urine 12 tests in Urine for Celiacs
GlutenDetect Urine 12 tests in Urine for Celiacs
GlutenDetect Urine 12 tests in Urine for Celiacs

GlutenDetect Urine 12 Tests

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At-home test for monitoring the gluten-free diet through urine analysis.

According to the Spanish Society of Celiac Disease, for effective control of the Gluten-Free Diet, one check should be done every 6 months (3 urine tests in the same week).

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GlutenDetect URINE 12 Test for Self-Detection of Gluten Consumption.


  • » Lateral Flow Device (cassette format, consisting of a plastic case housing the reactive strip. It has a small round window where the sample is applied and a reading panel where results appear in 15-30 minutes)
  • » Urine collector
  • » Blue-capped tube with conditioning solution
  • » Disposable plastic syringe

How to Use It

Step 1: Collect urine using the collector following the instructions carefully. Alternatively, a clean container (not provided) can be used.

Step 2: Using the syringe, collect 2 mL of urine and add it to the blue-capped tube containing the conditioning solution.

Step 3: Shake the tube for a few seconds, then unscrew the cap and add 4 drops of the mixture to the S area of the cassette.

Step 4: From this point, the sample advances by capillarity along the strip and the result is displayed after 15-30 minutes.

When to Use It

Suspect Inadvertent Gluten Exposure?

If you suspect you may have been inadvertently exposed to gluten, reduce fluid intake to concentrate the urine sample. Wait 6-9 hours after the suspected gluten ingestion before performing the test. If the exposure happened at dinner, collect the first morning urine. 

Want Regular Monitoring of Your Gluten-Free Diet? 

To check if you are following your gluten-free diet correctly, collect 3 urine samples over the week: 2 samples during the week and one reflecting weekend intake. For optimal timing, collect two samples late in the day and a third sample first thing in the morning. Reduce fluid intake in the hours (2-4 hours) before testing, as this can affect the result. 

GlutenDetect Urine 12 Tests


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