GlutenDetect Stool Test
GlutenDetect Stool Test
GlutenDetect Stool Test

GlutenDetect Stool 2 Tests

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At-home test for monitoring the gluten-free diet through stool analysis.

According to the Spanish Society of Celiac Disease, for effective control of the Gluten-Free Diet, one check should be done every 6 months (2 stool tests in the same week).

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GlutenDetect STOOL 2 Tests for Self-Detection of Gluten Consumption


  • » Lateral Flow Device (cassette format, consisting of a plastic case housing the reactive strip. It has a small round window where the sample is applied and a reading panel where results appear in 15-30 minutes)
  • » Extraction solution
  • » Stool collector
  • » Quick guide
  • » Extraction tube
  • » Dilution solution stick
  • » Disposable gloves

How to Use It

Step 1: Open the extraction tube (red cap) and add 21 drops of the extraction solution (white cap).

Step 2: Using the collection spoon on the cap of the extraction tube (red cap), collect stool from three different parts of the sample.

Step 3: Return the collection spoon to the tube, close the cap, and shake the tube with the sample intermittently for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Add 10 drops from the red-capped tube to the blue-capped tube.

Step 5: Close the blue-capped tube and shake by inversion for 10-15 seconds.

Step 6: Open the blue-capped tube and, using the pipette, add 8 drops of the mixture to the S area of the cassette.

Step 7: From this point, the sample advances by capillarity along the strip and the result is displayed after 15-30 minutes.

GlutenDetect Stool 2 Tests


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