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Holidays with celiac children

As we know, celiacs encounter a large number of gastronomic limitations away from home. For this reason, planning family vacations does not only involve thinking about free time, friends and outings because many times these are more of a concern than a moment of relaxation. Strict adherence to the Gluten Free Diet for children can [...]

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5 Reasons For Ongoing Symptoms On A Gluten-Free Diet

At the time of diagnosis of Celiac Disease, the premise that should be followed is: eat gluten-free, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and avoid cross contamination and inadvertent gluten intake. However, there are certain conditions that are responsible for ongoing symptoms, even after starting the Gluten Free Diet: Gluten intake continues In many times, [...]

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  • Nitrogen and celiac disease

Nitrogen excess in wheat and celiac disease

Wheat is the most consumed cereal Today, wheat is still the most consumed cereal in the world. It is true that its direct consumption has decreased in countries like the United States. However, the fact that their flour is used as a food additive has caused the annual wheat intake per person to increase. Nitrogen [...]

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