1. Check the label and the products components before buy and consume them. Never assume a product is gluten-free, consult your doctor if you have doubts.
  2. Keep in order and in a specific zone your aliments, this fact is very important if you live with non-celiac people. Your aliments can be contaminated by others, there are some “tricks” to avoid it, for example, keep them in the shelving top.
  3. Have your own kitchen utensils. If a contaminated utensil touches your gluten-free food, it will be contaminated too.
  4. If you can’t have your own utensils, clean them very good before use them.
  5. Have different cutting boards. You could have one for normal aliments and other one for the gluten-free products.
  6. Establish an exclusive gluten-free area on the countertop.
  7. Convince your family to follow a gluten free diet, don’t let them tempt you. There are a lot of tasted gluten free recipes!
  8. Record your involuntary intakes. In case you have symptoms, you will can “take a look” to your alimentation daily and detect the “guilty aliment”.