Christmas is all about coming together and having fun with family and friends, ideal for gatherings around the table. But what happens if there is a celiac in the family? What foods do we put on the table if there is a celiac at Christmas dinner? Do you have to organize two different menus? These are some of the questions that celiacs ask themselves on these special dates… But don’t worry! A gluten-free Christmas is possible and much easier than you might imagine.

Tips for celiacs in Christmas meals

1) Plan Christmas menus – Organize a gluten-free menu, thinking in advance about the dishes you are going to prepare.

2) Make a “gluten-free” shopping list – Do you already have your Christmas menu ready? It’s time to go shopping for gluten-free ingredients! Read the labels carefully to make sure everything is gluten-free.

3) Choose fresh products – It is preferable to choose fresh foods (vegetables, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish), because they are generic products, that is, gluten-free by nature.

4) Avoid cross contamination – Contamination occurs when a gluten-free food or prepared product comes into contact with another food, utensil or surface on which there is gluten. Therefore, it is important to be careful not to mix gluten-free and gluten-free foods.

5) Think about a completely suitable menu for celiacs – The simplest thing is to prepare everything suitable for celiacs and thus avoid confusion or added work.

6) Evaluate adherence to the Gluten Free Diet – In these “dangerous” dates for celiacs, you can check if you are following the diet properly with GlutenDetect.

With all these tips, we hope you have a gluten-free Christmas and enjoy your Christmas meals with your loved ones to the fullest.

Happy Holidays!